China, first one to disclose Virus Passport

Every country is Promoting the cross-border travelling facility and promoting the world economic recovery, China is the first one to introduce the Digital System for the world’s plan of Virus Passport. China being one of the top countries in the list of technology advancements, now disclosed the healthcare certificate program and now leading the countries that are planning for this initiative.

China is one of the countries, where COVID start spreading and spread on a vast area in a very short period of time. Today every country is fighting against COVID and put a lot on its economic and social aspect. Most countries are still trying to recover what this disease had done to them.

Apart from this conversation, a fresh update came from China, on March 8, 2020. China has launched a healthcare program for its domestic travellers. And become the first country to take such initiative.

The proposed system is a digital certificate which shows the vaccination status & virus test results of Chinese citizens through a Chinese social media platform known as We Chat”.

This program includes and encrypted QR code that allows each country to get details about the Chinese citizens regarding their vaccination details and virus test results. As said by state media agency Xinhua. This QR health code within the app We Chat, already require the access to domestic transport in China. This app tracks the user’s location and generates a Green code which show good health. If the user has not been in contact with a confirmed case or has not travelled to an infected area.

This app is a good sign for today’s world health initiative but this also concerns the privacy of the users and also the fear of being in surveillance of the government and agencies.


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