COVID and Schools in Pakistan

Hi everyone, welcome to new article of YnG Productions regarding the COVID and schools in Pakistan. COVID has effected every aspect of life. Including educational institutions, economic sector, and business & industrial sector etc. So, as of this Pakistan is also facing these problems. However, Pakistan is curing and comparatively low count of its population is effected by COVID. The most effected sector is the educational sector. For about an year school were closed and some are shifted to online education system. But the result will obviously not good if the educational institutions remain closed.

For all this tenure, most of the students were happy to be at home. Study is comparatively easy but not as effective as the conventional system of physical classroom. However, most of the student are not happy with the online system of education. As the one who take physical class in conventional manner, has a great difference as compared to the one who take online classes.

Sir. Shafqat Mahmood [Federal Minister of Education Pakistan] was the hero for all students who are willing for online classes. Every time he announce the closing of institutions, students show love for him on social media. After an year, when He announced the reopening of educational institutions, every thing is on the road to normality.

No one know, how long will COVID remain? But the matter is the education is one of the sector been effected the most. May Allah S.W.T keep all of us safe from COVID and give cure to those who are effected. [Aameen]

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